Exactly what did you do to prep today?



Puppy is finding out doggy judo … the art of stick combating … LOL

That would really be Canine Bojutsu which approximately converts from Japanese as dog “team strategy” or the fighting style of making use of a personnel tool called bo that I have actually been making use of for almost 50 years. I believe that a huge solid pet dog lugging a personnel equidistant on either side of the pet dog might be ravaging when running past you at knee degree, LOL.

The initial set from the released clothes dryer was mainly excellent. I did the complying with
Strawberries 2 trays … the mrs could not quit consuming them as well as the young puppy liked them also.
Zucchini as well as squash excellent … …

The ideal point we’ve done yet was rhubarb with the blackberries calling for additional cycles.

Boneless pork chops … They were to thick regarding 3/4 of an inch as well as was still cool between so I provided it 2 even more hrs of drying out time yet still cool. Pork chops for supper tonight … LOL

I have not attempted meat yet; yet, would truly want to recognize if they truly rehydrate as well as fry back like actual meat in the long run. Pork chops as well as steaks get on our checklist.

Bought 3 gallons of freeze drying out air pump oil from a regional representative. The additionally have substitute pumps.

So much they oil that included the gallon as well as the device I acquired have actually done every little thing I require, making use of the filter for extra runs of program. It will certainly excel to begin trading our experiences to assist each various other exercise the twists, because all of us appear to be exploring, until now.

Bought an LED plant expand light for the tomato as well as pepper plants that were generated as we had a cold snap return.

I have several of those; yet, have actually not yet utilized them, because we’re concentrating on the environment-friendly residence as well as the summer season kitchen area, while awaiting warmer & & clothes dryer climate. Where are you situated that you just had a “cold snap”. Right here in Ohio we’ve had the periodic cozy spell with cool as the requirement.

Bought 54 eggs as well as a pork for usage in freeze clothes dryer experiments … LOL

I would certainly want listening to just how they exercise. We have great deals of eggs as well as a couple of porks in the fridge freezer; yet, one point at once in the meantime.

Bought gelato sandwiches

That was my initial experiment as well as they take a long period of time. Finest you reduced them right into bite sized pieces from just what my experiments revealed.

Bought yogurt bars mmmm freeze clothes dryer…

Perhaps later on; yet, I believe like the Ice Cream Sandwiches, they make take some having fun with to obtain.

Planted potatoes in an elevated bed … we will certainly see

We’re mosting likely to attempt potates in 5-gallon containers this year.

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